Address: Dajiang industrial park, Yudong town, Banan district, Chongqing City.
Tel: 023-8699 8087
Fax:023-8699 8099

       We started auto parts sales business from July 2014, by purchasing auto parts directly from manufactures. We sell auto parts to main plant directly after a series of logistic services like transportation, storage management and JIT delivery, which extremely provide proficiency for both auto parts manufactures and main plant on management and capital level.
     Currently our customers are Japanese large auto parts manufactures, and our service covers all kinds of OEM products.
       Our main customers include Suzuki Group, Changan Ford, SGMW, Hyundai etc. We always provide our customers premium service based on our principle of highlight credibility, mutual benefit and common development.
       We help to arrange business conference for customers, who keep business relationship with our parent company of Sumisho, with main plant to create new opportunity by take advantage of our good relationship with main plant built up by our excellent logistic services for them in Chongqing.
      Vice verse, we would introduce best auto manufactures to main plant which create new business opportunity for each of us.