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    We take full advantage of our 30,000 ㎡ warehouse and set attic shelves, high shelves, rolling shelves and flat area according to the volume, weight and arrival frequency of the customer's entrusted products. Customer's products is binding with scanning pallet code bar and location code bar after arrival of our WH. With advanced WMS, products can be well managed from very beginning of arrival to shipping to the main plant, and can be guaranteed with FIFO and accurate retroactivity.

     (1).Sequence and balanced delivery mode
     guarantees punctuality:
     To deliver based on sequence order of different types of cars of main plant within certain time(30min-1h), we sequence products and change packaging if any according to production information
      to make sure enough stock is ready for dispatch area. we adopt intelligent automatic replenishment in preparing process, which means when in-stock is under safety stock, the WMS system will give replenish order automatically, which assures 100% punctuality of sequence and balanced delivery in short time.
     (2). Zero discrepancy of inventory:
Daily dynamic and monthly static inventory checking realizes zero discrepancy between physical and record inventory.
     (3). Share inventory data with customers:
     Our inventory report is real-time updated on line for our customers. there's a query window especially designed for our customers, in which stock information is available, easy for customers to get real-time situation of their products in our WH to avoid inventory shortage and maintain at a proper leve